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Catholic Boarding

House - Luckau

This Boarding House is located in the Luckau, Mpumalanga area within a rural area.




To assist with the hot water distribution requirements, additional Hot Water Systems were required.

Two (2) 300L Thermosiphon Systems were to assist with hot water distribution within the ablution blocks.


The objective is to reduce the hotel's carbon footprint by turning to more renewable energy sources while still providing guests with hot water on demand. Hotels are subject to high hot water demand during peak hours. It was therefore important that a sufficient volume of hot water was generated and available to the hotel guests while still being cost-effective and environmentally sensitive. The customer needed additional hot water distribution and with an opportunity to save on the electric demand required to heat the water.


SOLASMART proposed a hot water generation and storage solution based on the hot water distribution requirements and to add to the savings generated by existing hot water systems.

A Thermosiphon Solution was proposed that consisted of the following:

# Ablution Block - two (2) 300L Tanks was installed with two (2) Collectors each with a total aperture of 4.2 square meters per system and as backup an Electrical Element with a load of 3kW for each tank.

This solution not only results in generating FREE energy to heat the water but also manages additional energy savings for the customer with an estimated payback less than three (3) Years.

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