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Fortis Hotel Capital


The Fortis Hotel Capital is situated in the centre of Pretoria / Tshwane City.

Its central location makes it a popular and premier destination for diplomats and business travellers to the Pretoria area.




The Hotel has a 160 room capacity. Each room requires 100 litres of hot water heated at 55˚C. 

Two 5000 litre Boilers with three 22.8kW Air to Water Heat Pumps and one 2000 litre Boiler with two 19kW Air to Water Heat Pumps were installed to assist the Hotels distribution requirements.



The objective is to reduce the hotel's carbon footprint by turning to more renewable energy sources while still providing guests with hot water on demand. Hotels are subject to high hot water demand during peak hours. It was therefore important that a sufficient volume of hot water was generated and available to the hotel guests while still being cost-effective and environmentally sensitive.


The solution was split into two phases in order to keep the Hotel’s existing plant room infrastructures, have minimal disruptions and keeping costs low.

In Phase One the team re-designed the existing solution specific to the Hotel current needs.

The two Heat Pumps connected to the 2000 litre Boiler were repositioned into an open and sunny area and the piping was redone between the Heat Pumps and Boiler to provide a more sufficient hot water generation solution.

The temperature in the boiler reached 55 degrees and above within a day of decent sunshine, where it normally did not even reach 30 degrees and that was without the backup element switched on.


Phase Two pending.

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